Do it, please. But in the meantime, let me explain why this thoughtful little book is historic.

While Wesley Hill's Washed and Waiting was the first memoir by a self-identified gay man who is also a conservative Christian and Eve Tushnet's Gay and Catholic was the first memoir of this type by a gay woman, neither of these books were endorsed by an evangelical theologian. Evangelicals have, of course, written and endorsed books on the subject of homosexuality, but a key difference between those books and both Hill's and Tushnet's is that the latter actually use LGBT identity labels in their writing. For evangelical theologians, this has been a bridge too far.

Until now. Seven years after Hill became the first conservative evangelical author to pen a memoir about his experience of being gay, Greg Coles is publishing his book "Single, Gay, Christian" with endorsements from two prominent evangelical theologians, D. A. Carson and Ronald Sider. Carson's endorsement, in particular stands out for two reasons. First, he is a premier Biblical scholar and theologian, as well as the president of The Gospel Coalition, one of the most respected conservative national Christian organizations in North America. But second, Carson actually refers to Coles as gay in his endorsement. To my knowledge, this is the first time a TGC author has gone on record with using LGBT terminology to refer to a self-identified gay Christian.

Conservatives have long avoided using the "g" word for a variety of reasons, some even going so far as to say that adopting sexual orientation identities like gay and lesbian are a "crossing of the Rubicon." I reject this approach for reasons that I develop in my own forthcoming book, but it's reassuring to see that a theologian of the calibre of Carson also seems to as well. At the very least, it is a helpful means of helping gay people be All But Invisible.